Welcome to the online site of Ms. Izola Ethel Fedford Collins, author of two collections of poetry, a children's book, and most notably Island of Color: Where Juneteenth Started, a history of African-Americans in Galveston (Click here to see details about the books)

The purpose of this historical book, in Ms. Collins' words is "to reveal what was written by a man of color, my grandfather, who came to Galveston with his family as a small child, immediately after freedom was declared. His words are proven to be true by later documentation of official sources in the city. In addition, recorded words of interviews with numbers of citizens who were alive when this book was begun have been used and preserved on audio tapes. Until now, this story, told from the perspective of the persons who lived it, has been untold. Because of its far-reaching effects in the whole world, this story fairly screams to be acknowledged and revealed."

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